May 15th Update: New customer mask requirements and thank you to everyone!

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Hello New Mexico,

It’s been a tough few months for all of us and we really appreciate all the people who are making the world a safer place either by working as an essential worker, staying at home to avoid contact, social distancing when you do go out, and the many other efforts made.

Important Note

Starting Monday, May 18th we will require our customers to be wearing a face-covering at our facilities for us to be able to service you. Without a face covering while on-site we will not deliver parts, take orders, or interact with uncovered individuals. We believe this will ensure the safety of all of our customers, vendors, and co-workers.

Thank you for keeping the faith that health and safety are paramount in our society and that we will support each other economically and emotionally till we can find a solution.

Stay Safe New Mexico!

From your friends and family at National Auto Parts